Zarif's Facebook Message Following a Day of Nuclear Talks

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, posted a Facebook message updating his followers about the progress of the ongoing nuclear negotiation in Vienna.

The sixth and final round of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group began yesterday and the deadline for a deal expires on July 20. However, this could be extended if an agreement is not made in time. You may find the translation of Zarif’s message below.

Hello friends,

It’s 5:40 am, Thursday Vienna time (8:10 am Tehran time.) The new round of negotiations began yesterday. Given the complexity and interconnectedness of the numerous issues at hand that need to be collectively agreed on, it is very difficult to predict the outcome of the talks. We should not take speculation made by some media sources, especially in the West, too seriously. Instead of delivering the news and analysis, they are attempting to create an atmosphere that could [negatively] impact the negotiations. What I can guarantee is that my colleagues and I will try our hardest in order to achieve a rational and sustainable solution. In this difficult path, we need your support and positive prayers, especially during this holy month [Ramadan.]

Before my departure to Vienna, I sent a video message in English that has now been subtitled in various languages in the virtual space. The link below has the Farsi subtitles.

Rouhani Loves Hiking!

One of the favorite pastimes of Iran’s moderate president is hiking. According to his official website, Rouhani goes hiking once or twice a week at the mountain ranges surrounding Tehran.

“What makes hiking even more enjoyable for the president are the girls, boys, men, and women who start a dialogue with him and share their hopes and dreams,” Rouhani’s website reports.

Here are a few pictures of Rouhani’s hiking adventures.